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Thanks Giving


Shanta Gabriel 

A Message of Thanksgiving

In the United States, Thanksgiving begins the season of Holy Days. However, no matter where you live, including Gratitude for your life becomes an important ingredient for making every day special and filled with richness.

May this message from Archangel Gabriel inspire you to remember all that you are grateful for in your life.
Dear Ones,

The qualities of Gratitude and Thankfulness can lead you to a pure heart.
They change the energy fields, within and around your body, and transform your mental state by lifting your vibrational frequency.

The American celebration of Thanksgiving draws higher ideals into the forefront of people’s thoughts; the ideal of family and joining together in love, the ideal of abundance and the bounty that is possible and most importantly, the ideal of giving thanks. Sharing whatever one has is a large part of the ideal behind the Thanksgiving celebration. The creation of sports events and shopping days are modern distractions from the original intention of a day set aside for loving kindness and thankful prayers of Gratitude for all that one has in life.

When you are in the state of giving thanks for your life, there is such an elevation in consciousness that all appearances to the contrary begin to drop away. A sense of gratitude creates a high frequency of energy that is akin to a loving embrace from the Universe.

There is scientific proof that Gratitude can actually change your brain chemistry. Giving thanks can become a sacred act that calls forth all the Divine assistance needed for you to feel supported and cared for in this life.

Even when life may not have demonstrated for you the ideals you hold for bounty, there are still things you can find to be grateful for. With this act those small pockets of gratitude build into a full life demonstration. Most of the demonstration, however, comes with your uplifted mental state that builds strength as you realize all the many ways you are being cared for by the benevolence of God’s Grace.

An ever-evolving life begins with your focus of attention, as well as your intention to live within the sacred heart of Gratitude. When you can love what is, the void spaces begin to fill with Light. Filling all the empty spaces in your life with Divine Light creates a frequency of abundance and fullness. Your heart begins to feel full of love and creative opportunities begin to reveal themselves in miraculous ways.

As you begin to give thanks, there seems to be more and more to be grateful for, and the sacred vessel of your being becomes purified with the Light of your Gratitude and Joy. Every thought, every breath can open the way for clear light to bring purification into your being. Your willingness to bring greater Light and the attitude of Thankfulness into your being allows you to become a pure vessel to hold your Divinity.

Begin with the tiniest awareness and when you bring your gratitude to this, change occurs. Be grateful that you don’t have to tell your lungs to breathe and your heart to beat, and all the other miraculous ways your body serves you.

Be grateful that there are trees bringing oxygen and water to the Earth and absorbing carbon. Be grateful for all the beauty and power of the ocean and the lakes, rivers and waters of the world that nurture us so beautifully. Give thanks for the amazing beauty in Nature and let it inspire you to great things.

As you stretch into this practice, the act of Gratitude will change your life for the better.

Here is a suggestion for Thanksgiving prayers.

Divine Presence:

Thank you for the many gifts you have brought into my life. Thank you for my heart that beats with your love, and this miraculous body that serves me so I may serve you on this Earth. Thank you for new ideas and opportunities that are revealing themselves to me every day. Thank you for the beauty of this Earth and the bounty that the Earth provides. Thank you for those who care about me and bring joy and love into my life. Thank you for showing me how much I am loved and for giving me new ways to give love.

Let my body hold the force of Gratitude in every cell and let that awaken me to your Presence. May I see your gifts in every moment and be grateful for all that I am given, no matter what it looks like. Let me respond in gratitude to every situation knowing that my soul’s awakening depends on my responses. As Gratitude fills my being, help me to flow this energy of love and thanksgiving into the world.

At the center of my being, I know all is well. For this and all my gifts, I say thank you, thank you, thank you. And so it is.

May this time of Thanksgiving fill your heart with new awakenings to the loving Presence within all things and bless every area of your life with pure Gratitude.

Shanta Gabriel
Inspired by Archangel Gabriel
November 20, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Announcing the Holiday Anusthan

An 11-day Spiritual Practice to Inspire
Peace on Earth & Good Will Within All Beings

What are your holidays usually like? Overwhelming? Busy? Uninspired?

I have an antidote! For only 20 - 30 minutes a day, at your own timing, for 11 days, you can join an international group of Light Workers in a simple, yet powerful spiritual practice to make your holidays more Holy!

Starting December 1, we have an opportunity to transform our perceptions for this holiday season.
Everyone has their own history when it comes to the holidays. What is most important is that there is an intention for Peace, Joy and Good Will within all beingsinherent in the holiday period, regardless of whether or not we have been able to experience that. That expansive intention has powerful frequencies! Holding these attitudes raises the vibration of the collective energetic field, which creates harmony and true connection in our interactions.

As each of us allow our bodies to be flooded by the Light of Peace and Love during our Anusthan (a sacred practice from ancient India), we empower these qualities to be anchored on the Earth. We are also radiating these empowered frequencies from our spiritual practice out into the world, like beacon lights set onto a mountain top.

Anusthan GuidebookAs a group, we will begin our Anusthan on December 1 for a dedicated period through December 11. Every day for eleven days, we will each sit in sacred space and raise our frequencies in spiritual practice. If you do not want to commit to 11 days, you can choose 3, 5, 7 or 9 days. If possible however, it would be best to join the group for all 11 days for maximum spiritual activation.

The power of group prayer has been demonstrated and proven in many studies, and has been practiced in the Eastern traditions for centuries.

Will you join us?

Click here for more information and to register

About Shanta

Shanta GabrielShanta Gabriel is an author, teacher and healer,whose life is devoted to Bridging Heaven and Earth. She began her studies with an Indian Shaktipat master of the ancient Science of Sound in 1977. It is from this beginning point at the ashram, with the inspired ancient practices she received and has used in 40 years of training, that she offers to others in her programs.

Her work with the Archangels began in 1988. She shares this work through alignment, immersion, and transmissions from the Archangels through her classes, membership groups and private sessions. Her mission is to facilitate and invite people into a direct experience of Infinite Intelligence and Divine Love.

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