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Spiritual coaching in a safe space


Organic Orange Peel Juice for Joy!

Did you know Orange is the color of Citrine-  the Sun and Joy also the color of the 2rd chakra? Did ever notice how being in the Sun makes us happy? So you can call this food color therapy.You can also choose your foods by color and alter your energy, mood, frenqency for the day! It is [...]

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Honesty, Awareness and Responsibility! Neale Donald Walsch! Conversations with God for Teens!

What is True Awareness? Awareness is Being in the moment Now, knowing your grounded in the center of your being,body, mind, soul.Knowing whats happening around you at all times. Not talking on the phone while driving eating or walking or with your kids! Eating in silence, taking your phone off the hook or turned off. Watching every [...]

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Easy Success!

Easy does it! 

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Raise Humanity.

Love Frequency! 

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Re- lation- Ships!

How to Not do what you do Not want to do.The One thing in relationship you do Not what to do is?Is allow your Self to Not Be Who You Really Are! Use relationships for their intended purpose not the purpose you have intended. Relationships are intended to bring us the closest place we can be in [...]

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Abraham Every is a New day!

Awesome Simply Awesome! 

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