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Spiritual coaching in a safe space


Eternal Life!

Tuesday night I was in Mount Shasta Soul Connections my favorite Metaphysical store looking at the Abundance of books about subjects from Aliens to Ascension and the I AM Presence, The 7 Sacred Flames, Incarnation, Angels, the law of attraction, God in all its forms. One book I wanting to receive a message from was Home [...]

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God wants you to Know :)

On this day of your life, Dear Friend, I believe God wants you to know ... That all of life is animated by a single fantastic energy,which is the essence of everything that is -- including you. Isn't that amazing? Now, because this essence is who you areand what you are made of, it can obviously never leave [...]

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Re- Connecting to the Love that is all around us!

It may look like the world is falling apart. What I Beleive it is falling together. Its all about change, the New Earth! The New Earth  we Dream of. And it is available to all of us.  The Old Earth is fading away. Love is what what your seeking.So call in the love that is waiting [...]

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Emotion in Emotion.

What is Emotion in Motion. A complex sate of feeling that influences thought and behavior. As defined by google online dictionary. It is Thought Energy.  When we have a thought we move energy, that is emotion, in motion. Everything is Energy! When you have a thought it goes out into the Universe forever and never ends. So after knowing [...]

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Hu Man Race or Rat Race?

Have you ever wondered why you are consistently going up hill or now in these days in circles? Well the Hu Man race no longer exist we are Now the Rat race. We have been programmed, taught, been told we are to do what we are told.  Pay taxes, Pay your rent, Pay your Doctor so [...]

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Prayer on Asking! Doreen.

“Dear God, Thank you for healing anything in my mind or heart that would prevent me from asking for or accepting help. Help me to know please that I deserve help, just as much as anyone else. Thank you Lord for guiding me to healthy friendships with supportive people. Thank you for hearing and answering my [...]

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A House built on sand. Another Level of Gratitude! Jeshua.

Jesus did have it correct. Meaning if you build your house on sand it will get blown away. Matthew 7 24 -27. What I have discovered after going on five years of a daily gratitude practice by writing and reading is if you leave your self out of the equation it is like building your house on [...]

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Source Be it !

Written here with permission from the Author. Neale Donald Walsch. You have two options in life—you can either be a seeker or Be The Source.There are two places, two squares on the playing board of life, that you can choose to stand on.It’s easy to be on the square that is called “I seek.”On this square, [...]

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Conversations with God!

Quotations from Conversations with God used with permission from the author.We are All One! Book 1. 

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